NWS Confirms Atwater Tornado


(KWLM/Atwater MN-) The National Weather Service has confirmed it was a tornado that caused all the damage in the Atwater area during the storms Friday night.

The weather service sent an assessment crew to the Atwater-Grove City area to inspect damage and to determine if it was a twister that hit around 6:45 p.m. At the time, they issued a tornado warning after seeing the classic hook-echo on the radar screen. According to a news release issued on Saturday afternoon, they say an EF-0 tornado, with winds in excess of 80 miles an hour, touched down one mile west of Atwater and traveled on the ground for 11.2 miles.

It reportedly lifted three miles northwest of Litchfield, and at it’s peak it was approximately 300 yards wide.

The storm downed thousands of trees and knocked out power in Atwater for about 12 hours.

There was also damage to roofs and nearby turkey farms, boats were flipped, trucks were tipped and a garage was reportedly destroyed.

There were no reported injuries.

An EF-0 tornado is the lowest rated tornado on The Fujita Scale, which is used to determine tornado strength.


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