New Ulm Gateway Project Delay


(KEYC/NEW ULM, Minn) –┬áThe New Ulm Gateway Project is being slightly delayed after inspectors noticed issues with beams on the Front Street Bridge.
KEYC reports the bridge recently had concrete beams laid as part of the ongoing Highway 14/15 New Ulm Gateway Project.

As that was taking place, MnDOT inspectors and the contractors noticed something was off.
Rebecca Arndt, Public Affairs Coordinator for MnDOT District 7 says on one span, the plate that was being put into the beam was actually incorrect.
The defective beams were on the West end of the bridge.

While waiting for the new beams to arrive, workers are now on the east end to prevent lost time.

MnDOT says the delay will be minimal because the defective beams have already been removed and new ones are expected by next week.
According to project officials, the extra cost to fix the incorrect beams will be placed on the contractors and not taxpayers.

Traffic shouldn’t be affected any more than it originally was when then project started.


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