BCA Turning All Info and Evidence in Officer Involved Shooting to Carver Co Attorney


The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is turning over all information and evidence it has collected during the investigation of the officer-involved shooting of Archer Amorosi to the Carver County Attorney’s Office. That’s according to a news release from the BCA.

Amorosi was shot at his home in Chanhassen on July 13 by Carver County deputies.

The Carver County Attorney’s Office will decide whether to charge the deputies involved.

Amorosi’s mother had called 911 to report her son was threatening her and making suicidal comments.

According to the BCA’s preliminary report, two of the individuals—Corporal Jacob Hodge and Deputy Travis Larson—fired their weapons. A third individual, Corporal Josh Baker, used his Taser during the exchange.

The BCA stated Amorosi refused to exit the house after authorities arrived at the scene, despite multiple orders from law enforcement. The BCA reported deputies tried to use a Taser and pepper spray through a window of the house.

According to the BCA, when Amorosi did exit the house, he held a hatchet and what appeared to be a handgun. The BCA later reported Amorosi was carrying a BB gun. At that point, deputies tried using the stun gun on him once more.

The BCA reported Hodge and Larson fired their weapons after ineffective verbal commands.

According to the medical examiner, Amorosi died of multiple gunshot wounds.


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