Open House in Litchfield to Review Pike Regulations on Minnie Belle


(KWLM/Litchfield MN-) The DNR says an open house meeting in Litchfield this evening (Tuesday) is designed to review special regulations regarding northern pike in Minnie Belle Lake in Meeker County.

KWLM reports that currently, anglers on Minnie Belle can keep northern pike only if they are less than 24 inches or more than 36 inches. Northern pike in that 24-inch to 36-inch slot must be returned to the water immediately. The possession limit is three, with only one fish over 36 inches.

DNR Fisheries is seeking public input regarding the special northern pike regulation on that lake.

The special 24 to 36 inch protective slot limit can be kept and continued or removed and replaced with the standard zone regulation, the north-central zone, which has a ten fish possession limit, only two of which can be over 26, and all northern pike from 22 inches to 26 inches must be immediately released.

The meeting will be an open house 6 to 8 p.m. at the Meeker County Courthouse in Litchfield (325 N Sibley Ave.).


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