Renville Man Charged with Child Endangerment/Possession/DWI


A Renville man has been charged with Child Endangerment, 3rd Degree DWI, Driving after having his license revoked, and Possession of Synthetic Cannabinoid after falling asleep in his car with a pipe in his lap and his daughter in the back seat.

Renville County deputies were called on Sunday morning for the report of a car parked in a lane of traffic facing the wrong direction on Highway 212 in Bird Island.

The person who reported the incident told police they saw the vehicle drive over the curb, over the sidewalk, and back across the street. The vehicle then struck the curb on the opposite side of the street.

When Police arrived they found 23-year-old Cruz Bustamante hunched over the driver’s seat, he and his daughter were both asleep. Bustamante had a marijuana smoking device in his lap. He told the officer that he was traveling from Willmar to Renville and didn’t know how he ended up in Bird Island. He also told Police that he had smoked three hours prior to the incident.

Police also learned that Bustamante had a revoked Minnesota drivers license.


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