Parking Changes on the Way Around HHS


For students driving to Hutchinson High School and not parking in the parking lots, the availability of parking on nearby streets is about to change.

At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, a resolution was passed that calls for the installation of “No Parking – School Days 7am-3pm” signs on several neighborhood streets around the high school.

A list of streets and a map of the new parking restrictions can be seen below.

Enforcement is scheduled to begin as soon as the new signage is posted however, city officials say how soon that happens depends on whether or not the ground is frozen when the sign posts are installed.

One reason for the change is to shift student parking to School Road, south of McDonald Drive. The other goal is to get students to park in the lots.  That way, city services such as postal delivery, garbage pickup, and leaf vacuuming would be more efficient.

However, it was noted that to park in the high school lots, a parking permit is required at a cost of $50 per year.

Streets surrounding the Hutchinson High School campus where new parking restrictions will be posted and enforced are (in alphabetical order):

Alan St SW

Boulder Cir SW

Boulder St SW

Kay St SW

Lakeview Ln SW

Larson St SW

Lea Ave SW

McDonald Dr SW

Roberts Rd SW

School Rd SW

Stoney Point Rd SW


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