Hutchinson Man Charged in Connection with Burglaries


A Hutchinson man has been charged after allegedly being involved with two burglaries at a residence in the 1200 Block of West Shore Drive.

On Monday, just before 12:30pm, Hutchinson Police say they received a call from the resident reporting that a man was attempting to break into the home, but left before gaining entry. Based on a description of the suspect and his vehicle, police stopped the suspect and ultimately arrested 64-year-old Samuel Pinzon, for driving after cancellation. A search of his vehicle turned up a hammer. The homeowners surveillence video allegely shows him using the hammer trying to break into the residence.

In a previous burglary, on November 28th at the same residence, it’s alleged that Pinzon did gain entry and took debit cards and ID from the victim. Police say those cards were returned to the victim from a person who found them in Pinzon’s bedroom.

Pinzon denied the allegations. However, he was charged with a total of 7 counts, inlcuding 3 counts of felony 1st-degree burglary, 2 counts of felony stalking, 1 count of possession of burglary tools, and 1 count of driving after cancellation.


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