Actual Threat Made Against HHS


After squelching rumors of a threat on Thursday, Hutchinson School District officials say an actual threat was made against the High School the next day.

On Friday evening, the Hutchinson Police Department received a report of a threat made via social media by a juvenile and directed towards the high school.

School officials say the police immediately launched an investigation to identify and arrest the individual responsible for the threat, and they say HPD was successful in carrying out the actions, meaning a juvenile was arrested Friday evening.

Officials say during these events, HPD was in consistent communication with Hutchinson Public Schools leadership, and at no time Friday evening were individuals gathered at HHS for evening activities at any physical risk due to this threat.

In a letter to parents, officials said Hutchinson Public Schools will continue to coordinate with HPD and McLeod County as the incident moves towards legal resolution.

School officials point out that it’s important to note that this incident is not directly related to the unsubstantiated rumors reported to HHS administration on Thursday.


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