Alleged Sex Abuse Closes Down Olivia Daycare Facility


The Renville County Register is reporting the license of a home-based daycare facility in Olivia, Rhyme and Reason, has been suspended while the owner and her teenaged son are investigated for sexually abusing children at the facility.

The 16-year-old boy who lives in the home is accused of sexual contact with three girls, ages 4-to-8, from August of 2017 through January of this year.

The mother of two of the alleged victims, ages 4 and 8, posted a lengthy video on Facebook talking about how her children were told not to tell their parents.

She says her eight-year-old finally broke down and told her in late January, which started the investigation.

45-year-old Peggy Uhlenkamp is charged with failure to report and three counts of child neglect.

She and her son are scheduled to appear in Renville County District Court Monday morning.


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