MN Lawmakers to Address Cell Phone Use, Opioids, Disaster Fund


(Learfield News Service/St. Paul, MN) It’s expected the Minnesota House will vote this afternoon (Monday) whether to ban cell phone use while driving except in hands-free mode. It’s been one of the most high-profile bills of the legislative session and we can expect spirited debate.

The same will likely be the case when the full House later today votes on a bill to combat the opioid epidemic in Minnesota. A particularly controversial provision would assess annual license fees on manufacturers and distributors of opioids.

It’s also likely that House lawmakers today will cue up a bill to replenish the state’s Disaster Contingency Fund with a 10-million-dollar transfer from the General Fund. Governor Tim Walz is urging lawmakers to take quick action, given the potential for serious flooding by the end of the month.


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