Non-violent Threat at BLHS School


An incident in which district officials are calling a non-violent threat, occurred in the Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart School district Wednesday.

In a letter to parents, Superintendent David Hansen said an incident took place at the 6-12 building in Hector (High School), described as a non-violent student threat to another or other students.

Hansen said that in all cases involving students, incident details are data private and will not be shared.

However, Hansen stated that what could be shared is that upon notification by a school employee to school administration, district policy and state law were followed to ensure all parties were dealt with in a swift, but respectful manner in order to ensure the safety of all students and employees of the district. In keeping with state law, the incident was reported to local law authorities.

Hansen says any results of the law investigation are private and are not known by school or district administration and, thus, will not be communicated.

In an email to us (KDUZ/KARP/KGLB), Hansen said it was a very uneventful day.  They didn’t have any students not come to school because they felt unsafe.  MCA (State) testing took place as normal. He went on to say, because relationships between students and staff are very good at BLHS, this entire situation was dealt with very quickly and respectfully as could be possibly hoped for.


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