Republicans Warn of Tax Increases as MN House Dems’ Budget Moves Forward


(Learfield News Service/St. Paul, MN) Republicans are raising red flags about tax increases as Democrats’ budget bills begin moving toward floor votes in the Minnesota House.

This exchange happened Thursday afternoon between G-O-P Minority Leader Kurt Daudt and Democratic Majority Leader Ryan Winkler:

Daudt: “Obviously I think those tax bills — revenue-raising bills — will come to the floor before the spending bills, so we know that we actually have the revenue to spend — but I just want to have you confirm if that’s the case.”

Winkler: “Madame Speaker, Representative Daudt,… as for whether the tax bill comes first… or the H-H-S bill… or the transportation bill, all of these things work together as a package.”

Daudt: “Might be nice for us to find out if folks really want to tax Minnesotans to that level.”

Budget bills will start coming up for floor votes later this month, after the Passover-Easter break.


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