MN House Passes Bill to Increase Gas Tax/Senate Leaders Say No Way


(Learfield News Service/St. Paul, MN) Minnesota’s gasoline tax would go up 20 cents a gallon under a transportation budget bill the Democrat-controlled Minnesota House passed Monday night.

Crookston Republican Debra Kiel says one business owner warned her what will happen: “I go to North Dakota to get tobacco. I go to North Dakota to get something else, and then I just fill my gas tank, and all of a sudden I’m shopping… across the river.”

Minneapolis Democrat Frank Hornstein responds gas prices have gone up 70 cents a gallon since January — and that money goes to oil companies. He asks, “Where’s the outrage about that? We have a plan where this modest gas tax increase, the money stays right here in our local communities.”

Leaders of the Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate say they absolutely will not agree to a gas tax increase. Governor Tim Walz has been pushing hard for it.


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