New Sculpture to be Placed in McLeod County Veterans Memorial Park


A new sculpture will be put into McLeod County Veterans Memorial Park in Hutchinson.

In collaboration with several entities in the city, Memorial Park Vice President Dave Skoog told the city council Tuesday night a bronze eagle with a nine-foot wingspan will be installed in the entrance area of the park, the location typically filled with flowers.

Skoog says all the funding has been acquired by individuals and businesses and he anticipates the sculpture will arrive by the end of this week and have it mounted in the next two weeks.

Skoog explained why an eagle was chosen, quoting John F. Kennedy from 1963 saying, “The fierce beauty and proud independence of this great bird aptly symbolizes the strength and freedom of America.”

The city council approved allowing the sculpture to be placed in the park and will formally accept it as a donation to the city at their next council meeting.

Dave Skoog Showed City Council this rendition of where the sculpture will be placed and what it will look like.


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