Revamping Hutchinson Water/Wastewater Rate Structure


City officials in Hutchinson are looking at revising the rate structure on how water and wastewater fees are charged.

Karen Cavett with S-E-H Consultants gave a presentation and recommendations to the city council this week.

Cavett said state laws are now in place with the DNR’s goal of conserving water usage.

Right now, the more water that is used, the cheaper the rate. Cavett says that will no longer be allowed under state law.

Cavett also made recommendations regarding multi-family units, such as an apartment complex, duplexes, and town homes.

Right now, the city bills multi-family units as one unit. Cavett recommends billing each resident separately, within the unit.

City Engineer Kent Exner agreed with that proposal, saying it “right sizes” the variability between user groups to a more modernized rate structure.

City Administrator Matt Jaunich told the council they will have to put some actual numbers into the proposals to see how it would directly affect residents and businesses.

Jaunich said before they do that, he wanted direction on what council members thought of the proposed “rate structures.”

Exner said there was no rush at this point, so staff can get input from the council at any time, before any formal action is taken.

The goal is to implement a new rate structure system in 2021.


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