McLeod County will begin spraying for noxious weeds and brush along County roads this week.

Officials say the majority of the weeds are thistle and wild parsnip.

Road ditch mowing will begin in a few weeks near intersections and areas where tall vegetation may cause reduced sight lines for motorists.

Crews will also start making a top cut adjacent to the shoulder on all County roads

toward the end of June.

Landowners not wanting adjacent Right of Way sprayed or mowed because of organic farming or other special reasons should contact the McLeod County Highway Department with the locations requested. Landowners are expected to control the

noxious weeds and brush in those no spray or no mow areas.

Officials urge motorists to always drive with caution when encountering the mowers as well as any other highway maintenance equipment and slow down and watch for our workers in any work zone.

If the public would like to report locations of noxious weeds or has any questions regarding the chemicals used, spraying techniques, etc. they should contact Elvis Voigt, Maintenance Superintendent at (320) 484-4321 or


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