Renville County to Appoint Task Force for Hospital “Affiliation”


(West Central Tribune/Olivia, MN) Renville County’s board of commissioners will be appointing a task force to work with the RC Hospital and Clinics board of directors on the possible affiliation of the health system with a larger system.

The West Central Tribune reports the county board of commissioners informally agreed to appoint the task force at its work session on Tuesday.

The commissioners will act at their next regular meeting.

The original request from the hospital board asked the county to approve a task force “to begin deliberations concerning the possible sale of the hospital and utilization of reserves therein.” Commissioner Greg Snow asked that the word “affiliation” replace “sale” in the language for the task force.

He said it was not the county’s intent at this point to sell the hospital. He’s heard from people who expressed concerns over the possibility of a sale.

Hospital CEO Nathan Blad told the Tribune that the hospital board requested the task force be created to open constructive dialogue between it and the county board.

The county board will ultimately decide on any type of affiliation or sale that could occur.


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