Ducklings Crossing Street Set off “Road Rage” Incident


Ducklings crossing Main Street in Hutchinson apparently set off somewhat of a road rage incident with two drivers Thursday evening.

Hutchinson Police received a call at 7:17pm that a crash had occurred on Main Street near 11th Street North.

Authorities say a 56-year-old Dassel woman was driving northbound on Main Street and had stopped for vehicles ahead of her that had stopped for some ducklings in the road. Behind her was a 37-year-old Cokato woman that police say became upset and began yelling at the Dassel woman. Then, both women began yelling at each other. After the ducklings had crossed the road and the Dassel woman began driving forward, the Cokato woman told police the Dassel woman braked again for no apparent reason. That’s when a rear-end collision occurred when the front of the Cokato woman’s vehicle hit the rear of the Dassel woman’s vehicle.

The Cokato woman was cited for failing to drive with due care.


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