Amelia and Nick Neaton Family

The Neatons began their farming careers based on a passion for good food and a concern for the environment. They wanted to build a farm that produces healthy food for their family and for the community. Nick grew up on a farm near Watertown in Wright County and wanted to be nearby. Amelia and Nick started growing vegetables for themselves and then started producing for a small CSA. Beginning in 2010 they started renting farmland and purchased their farm four years later. In 2017, they met organic certification.

The Neatons grow a variety of organic vegetables, mainly for their direct market CSA and small wholesale accounts. They sell their produce from their farm, at farmers markets and local co-ops. They use a variety of conservation practices including crop rotation and cover cropping. They use soil solarization and beneficial/companion planting to grow food naturally. The Neatons grow vegetables nine months of the year in their high tunnel. The family also starts plants in their greenhouse and sells bedding plants directly to consumers. The Neatons maintain a variety of fruit trees.

Amelia is a full-time farmer. She’s involved in the farm’s planning and produce marketing. Nick works on the farm part-time and is employed as Community Services Director for the City of Delano. They have two children: Albin and Hugo.

The Neatons are members of the Crow River Sustainable Farm Association, serving as board members from 2009-2017. They are involved in the Central Minnesota Young Farmers Coalition and the Land Stewardship Project and were volunteers and coordinators of the Minnesota Garlic Festival. The Neatons are founding members of 221 Common House in Delano and members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Watertown.


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