MN’s New Hands-free Cell Phone Law Set to Take Effect


(Learfield News Service) It’s one week until Minnesota’s new hands-free cell phone law takes effect for drivers.

State Patrol Chief, Colonel Matt Langer says beginning August 1st, “No more holding the phone, driving down the road talking with phone up to your head. No more holding the phone at a red light, scrolling through whatever drivers might be scrolling through.” Colonel Langer says drivers can use their phones hands-free to compose a text or listen to it — but *not* type it in — even if the phone is mounted on the dash.

Langer advises drivers, even in hands-free mode, “Can’t use your phone to do any gaming. No video streaming, no facetiming, no scrolling through the Internet or using social media apps while driving — even in hands-free mode.”

For answers to frequently-asked-questions about the new law, visit


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