Benson Man Charged After Police Found Bomb in His Pickup


(KWLM/Learfield News Service/Willmar, MN)  It was just a home-made sparkler, a man from Benson who’s now facing multiple charges told police, after they found a bomb in his pickup truck Monday afternoon.

Kandiyohi County Sheriff Eric Holien says the device had a fuse and was larger than a pipe bomb: “It had inside materials that… [were] used as shrapnel, that if it was detonated it would basically shred anything in its path,” says Holien.

Police found 31-year-old Randy Frederiks sleeping inside his pickup Monday afternoon just outside the Willmar city limits. When they checked his license, he jumped out of the vehicle and got away through a cornfield. Wednesday morning, he was arrested while sitting inside a parked car near a Willmar restaurant.


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