Voters to Decide BOLD Excess Operating Levy Referendum


(KWLM/Olivia MN-) The BOLD School District will be going to voters asking for financial help in November, but it won’t be for a new school building.

Superintendent Dale Brandsoy tells KWLM while it’s true the district’s buildings need money for repair and replacement, the fact is that they need more money to make ends meet.

Brandsoy says much has been spent from the district’s general fund for maintenance projects which has hurt the budget…

…Brandsoy says they will be asking district residents to approve an excess operating levy referendum November 5th.

He says right now BOLD has one of the lowest operating levies in the region…

…In July, the school board voted to go with a single Pre-K/12 building to be located in Olivia.

A 55-member steering committee has been formed and right now, they’re working on a memorandum of understanding with RC Hospital and Clinics, which is looking to co-locate a health and wellness center at the new school…

…Brandsoy says they will also be going to the district’s voters for help building the new school/wellness center, but that won’t likely happen until February.


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