Tiger Gameday – Week 3 vs Rocori


Tiger Gameday – Week 3

Last Game: Hutchinson 16 Becker 13

Game Recap: It was a defensive struggle as Hutch came out on top of Becker in a close contest. The defense held Becker’s QB to less than 50% accuracy and held on numerous 4th down plays to get the win. Offensively Hutch struggled against Becker’s physicalness…but punched it in two times from Russell Corrigan to win.

Current Record: 2-0 (#2 4A)

This Week’s Opponent: Rocori (2-0)

About the Opponent: Hutch has had two close battles with Rocori in the 2 years they’ve been in the district. Hutch has split those games with the Tigers coming out on top last year. The Spartans are led by QB Jack Steil, a fantastic athlete that is going to play Baseball at Nebraska University next year. He’s a dual threat…but running is the most dangerous aspect of him. Defensively Rocori has held teams to little to nothing the first couple weeks of the year.

Key Hutch Players: Defensive Line. Containing Steil will be job 1, 2, and 3 for this Defense. If you can slow down or stop what he does…it makes it a LOT tougher for Rocori’s offense to work. What the defense needs to watch out for are the called passes, where Steil can roll out and do damage. Also watch for the Speed Options. Both plays that can get Rocori big yards.

4 Downs/Storylines:

First Down: Get a Turnover. Despite not getting a turnover in either of the first two games…Hutch is only a -1 in the TO department. Having lost just one fumble. The defense has played excellent fundamental defense. But there will be a time they will need to cause a turnover. That’s just what good defenses do.

Second Down: Control the ball. We all know the Hutch way of things is to run the ball effectively and get that clock moving. Keep the other teams offense off the field. Hutch has mastered that art over the years. This game will be no different. Hutch has struggled running the ball so far this year. There was an OL shakeup and position change this week which should help, but the RB’s do need to run harder and better at times. Course the problem with Rocori is…

Third Down: …They will stack the line. There will be times in the game it will look like all 11 men are “in the box”. It’s still about execution on offense…but when there’s that many people looking to tackle a RB…you just can’t block all of them. So while running is key….So also might be the play action passing game. Go over the top of that box and see if you can get some big gains. Also look for more diversity on downs…a running down may be a passing down…and a passing down may be a running down. Look for Hutch to try and confuse Rocori.

4th Down, Quick Hit Keys: Need to keep cleaning things up. It was a little better at times last week with penalties and miscues. But it still wasn’t where it needs to be…It’s been a WET last few days. How’s that field holding up?…Cant go 3 and out. Need to stay on the field.

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