Trump Rally in Mpls Stirs Passion on Both Sides


(Learfield News Service/Mpls, MN) “Thank you Minnesota, this is a great state, we are going to win this state in a very short period of time, thank you.” And with that, President Donald Trump began what would be a 90-plus minute rally speech Thursday night at Target Center to thousands of supporters.

Trump said draining the swamp has “energized” him. And he said in the coming 2020 election”the Democrats brazen attempt to overthrow the government will produce a backlash at the ballot box the likes of which they have never ever seen before in the history of this country.”

Thursday’s rally was the president’s first since an impeachment inquiry was launched by House Democrats. Trump again reiterated in MInneapolis that his call with the Ukranian president was “perfect” and that he did nothing wrong.

While he was in her district, the president also brought up Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, calling her “an America-hating socialist.” Trump then asked the crowd “how the hell did that ever happen?”–in reference to Omar being elected.

Trump reassured the crowd that he has their best interest as a priority saying “there’s nothing that the dirty political establishment that they cannot intimidate, own and control. They’re trying to stop me because they know that I don’t answer to them, I answer to you, it’s true.”

Trump touched on a number of issues, including immigration, his political rival Joe Biden and mining in northern Minnesota. And he gave an endorsement to Republican candidate for Senate, Jason Lewis, who is running against Democrat Tina Smith. Outside the rally, thousands of protesters lined the streets chanting “dump Trump” and “no Trump, no kkk, no fascist USA.” Several were sprayed by police with chemical irritants in an attempt to disburse the crowd.

State DFL Chair Ken Martin said after the rally that “tonight we witnessed a President of the United States who instead of finding ways to bring this country together during a time of unprecedented unease and anxiety has doubled down on his politics of destruction.  Demeaning political rivals, attacking the media, gross vulgarity, an immaturity that would make my two teenage sons look like reasoned adults.” Martin says he is “confident Minnesota will stay blue.”


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