Paynesville Man Accused of Killing Daughter Due in Court


(KWLM/Paynesville MN-) A Paynesville man who is accused of starting his daughter’s mobile home on fire, killing her, appears in Stearns County District Court Monday for an omnibus hearing.

KWLM reports 46-year-old John Newport is charged with Second Degree Murder While Committing a Felony for allegedly starting his daughter Jamey Newport’s trailer on fire July 23rd.

Jamey was trapped in the blaze and was killed.

Newport is being held in the Stearns County Jail on 2-million-dollars bail.

Court records say Newport started the trailer on fire after an argument with his daughter. Prosecutors have filed a motion asking for a stiffer-than-usual sentence for Newport because of what they call aggravating circumstances, including the exceptional cruelty of the crime.

Newport allegedly poured gasoline on the trailer and on his daughter’s pets before setting them ablaze.


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