Deer Sampling for CWD Required in Some Areas During Firearms Season


(Learfield News Service) Hunters in a number of areas in southeastern Minnesota and around Brainerd and in Meeker County must have any deer they take sampled for chronic wasting disease during the firearms season which opens Saturday.

Thirty-one sampling sites will be open (21 southeast, 6 north-central, 4 central).

The DNR’s Michelle Carstensen says, “We expect to see a lot of hunters, have a lot of one-on-one conversations, talk about the disease, talk about carcass movement restrictions. We do have a number of taxidermists and meat processors that are part of the surveillance work.”

Chronic wasting is spread by deer-to-deer contact, and the D-N-R has increased bag limits in some areas to reduce population density… and implemented feeding bans in some locations to discourage deer from congregating.

More information is available on the DNR’s website.


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