Local School District Bond and Operating Levy Results


School Districts across the state are having bond and levy referendum votes on Tuesday.

Local preliminary results (as available):

GFW Schools-$49.5 Million Bond Referendum for new K-12 Building. Failed – No Votes 1,188, Yes Votes 982.


Hutchinson Schools-$28.3 Million Bond Referendum for Renovations and improvements to the Park Elementary building and construction of an addition and modifications to the West Elementary building. Approved– Yes Votes 1630, No Votes 1512.


HLWW Schools-$2 Million Bond Referendum for Technology. Failed – No Votes 982, Yes Votes 553.

HLWW Schools-Operating Levy Increase…10 years for $320 per pupil. Failed – No Votes 942, Yes Votes 597.


Litchfield Schools-

Question 1-Approved– Operating Levy Increase…10 years for $625 per pupil

Yes votes-1,584, No Votes 1,065.

Question 2-Approved– $32.9 Million for Facilities improvements

Yes Votes-1,400, No Votes-1,248.

Question 3-Failed-$11.1 Million for Pool and Facilities

No Votes- 1,528, Yes Votes- 1,110.


Watertown Mayer Schools-$25.3 Million for Classroom and Parking Lot Renovations and more. Approved – Yes Votes- 1,005, No Votes 750.

Watertown Mayer
Schools-Operating Levy Increase…10 years for $492 per pupil. Approved – Yes Votes- 1,039, No Votes- 716.


Annandale Schools-Operating Levy Renewal…7 years for $79 per pupil

Approved: Yes votes-1112, No Votes 185.


BOLD Schools-Operating Levy Increase…10 years for $635 per pupil. Approved (vote count not available)


Glencoe Silver Lake Schools-Operating Levy Increase…10 years $460 per pupil.

Approved: Yes Votes-1,130, No Votes-741.


NYA-Central District

Question 1: Approved

Yes – 900

No – 484

Question 2: Approved

Yes – 881

No – 502

School board Election

9 Canidates were vying for four seats.  The unofficial results are:

Scott Knight – 550

Sara Eischens – 756***

Kristin Rickaby – 362

Sandi Harms – 402

Amber Michels – 360

Kyle Strickfaden – 632***

Emily Perlbachs – 171

Shelby Erickson – 593***

Sarah Lehkre – 562***


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