Greater MN Cities Group Says Large 2020 Bonding Bill is Necessary


(Learfield News Service)  The Coalition of Greater Minnesota cities says its members tell them the success of the next legislative session hinges on lawmakers passing a large bonding bill for public works projects.

Spokesman Bradley Peterson says, “In order to meet the state’s needs, the legislature needs to do a bonding bill of at least 1.5 billion dollars…. We think 1.5 billion dollars, or a little bit more, is something that the state can certainly afford.”

Negotiations will not be easy: Senate Republicans indicate their bonding number will be around 700 million dollars while House Democrats plan a whopping 3.5 billion dollars, possibly the largest bonding proposal ever. It’s also the biggest gulf in recent memory between Democrats and Republicans on a bonding package.

Peterson indicates a smaller bill could have political consequences, particularly for rural lawmakers “bringing home the bacon” to their districts. “Certainly it could have implications for the election,” he says. “If it’s a wimpy bonding bill it means the legislature’s not necessarily doing its job to its fullest capacity.”

The 2020 Minnesota Legislature convenes February 11th.


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