Gov Fires Back at Republicans Who Say He’s Not Doing Enough to Fix DHS Problems


Amid more reports of improper payments by the state Department of Human Services — this time, nearly nine million dollars to counties — Governor Tim Walz is firing back at Republicans who says he’s not doing enough to address ballooning problems in the state’s largest agency.

Vernon Center Republican Julie Rosen said at last week’s Senate hearing, “There’s been a deafening silence from that corner office.” Walz responds, “I really hope that we’re not getting into a point like we’re seeing in Wisconsin, where the attack on the governor just because they can is there, because that is patently false…. We have been as engaged in this as possible.”

Walz says his administration has been bringing issues to the surface. Republicans say a culture of intimidation and cover-up at D-H-S has continued on his watch.


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