Anti Marijuana Group Holding Informational Meeting in Litchfield


(KWLM/Learfield News Service/Litchfield, MN) A group opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana in Minnesota is holding an informational meeting in Litchfield tonight (WED). Miranda Gohn with Smart Approaches for Marijuana Minnesota says in addition to two guest speakers, “We’re going to have ten talking points as far as why we shouldn’t do this and provide all kinds of information. Just going to help empower people so they can talk to their neighbors and legislators so that we can try and oppose this. Because this would be a mess for Minnesota.”

Gohn says she believes the Minnesota DFL will use the legalization of recreational marijuana to try and take control of the Minnesota Senate in 2020.

Gohn says in every state that has legalized marijuana it’s punched a hole in their state budget. She says for example “In Colorado for every dollar in pot-related tax revenue it costs the state of Colorado $4.50 in social-economic costs. That’s a pretty big hit. So that means for Minnesotans your taxes are either going to go up or there’s going to be a cut in services just so a very small minority can get legally high.”

House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler plans to introduce a bill to legalize recreational marijuana at the start of the 2020 session in February. Governor Tim Walz has said he would sign such a bill, but leaders in the Republican-led Senate remain opposed.

Tonight’s meeting will be held at the Litchfield Opera House at 6:30 p.m.

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