As More Men Run, Klobuchar Makes Case for ‘Woman Candidate’


NEW LONDON, N.H. (AP) — Amy Klobuchar does not want to run for president as a woman candidate.

That’s never been the Minnesota Democrat’s style. But the media, polls and the addition of more men to the 2020 primary led the senator to a conclusion: Many Americans still aren’t comfortable with the idea of a woman in the Oval Office, and she needed to amplify the conversation about it.

Klobuchar has been talking pointedly about gender and politics — even if she’d rather be discussing the bills she’s passed or how she’s won in Republican areas.

Klobuchar says “Our people want to win. And if they think ‘Oh, can a woman really win?’ you gotta start discussing that.”

Klobuchar says it’s not the reason she should win and she wants to run on her merits.


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