Hwy 14/15 Bridge in New Ulm to Open by Year’s End


MnDOT has announced that work on the Highway 14/15 Minnesota River Bridge in New Ulm is expected to wrap up by the end of December.

Construction Supervisor Todd Kjolstad said that the actual driving area is complete but they still have the pedestrian portion to finish up.

All of the work requires a plastic enclosure to house and heat the concrete.

In addition to forming and pouring more railing for the 564 foot-long bridge, the pedestrian railing includes six pedestals with electrical work for lighting that need to be built independently. Two weeks of cure time is also required before the decorative steel railing (similar to the Front Street Bridge) can be installed. He expects it to be open by the last week of December.

Kjolstad said a considerable amount of off-road work will also need to be completed including turf work, landscaping, and clean up, which will take place under traffic.

MnDOT has until June of 2020 to have it all completed.


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