Gov Unveils Final Piece of $2-billion Bonding Request


(Learfield News Service/St. Paul, MN)  Governor Tim Walz Wednesday unveiled the final piece of his just-over $2 billion bonding request to the state legislature.

Walz is asking for $857 million for public safety improvements statewide. Walz says “the plan funds critical needs like local police and fire departments, whether that’s a new police station in Crystal or a fire department in Virginia, it addresses safety hazards at correctional facilities across the state, from improving perimeter security to getting the building up to code.”

Walz says funding would also go toward road and bridge fixes in local communities “ensuring Minnesotans get home safely to their families and that we move goods and services as efficiently as possible. It will create increased safe and convenient opportunities for children to walk and bicycle to school through projects that divert traffic, reduce speeds enhance sidewalks and crosswalks and make our streets more livable.”

Walz also announced his “Quality of Life Package”, a $675 million proposal that includes funding for local communities to build town halls, libraries, recreational trails, and transit.

In all, the governor’s bonding proposal tops $2 billion. That’s significantly more than Senate Republicans have said they would agree to.

Walz says his administration’s entire Local Jobs and Projects Plan includes more local projects than any bonding proposal in state history.


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