State Announces Multi-million-dollar Settlement In Lawsuit Against Comcast


(Learfield News Service)  Comcast will send refunds to over 15 thousand Minnesota customers and wipe clean the debt of 16 thousand others, under a lawsuit settlement state Attorney General Keith Ellison announced Wednesday.

It’s over improperly charged fees for early termination of service, gift card promises not kept, undisclosed fees, and charges for services that customers didn’t order.

Gail Jackson from Minneapolis says Comcast charged her an early termination fee when she moved and reported it to the credit bureau — which delayed her mortgage approval four months. “In the meantime… I was renting and I went month-to-month and my rent was 17-hundred dollars,” Jackson says.

Comcast is handling refunds and people will receive claim forms — but Attorney General Ellison says his biggest fear is that some people who are owed money might be missed. Ellison says if people they even *think* Comcast owes them money, they should contact the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. Info is on their website.

Comcast says it disagrees with the allegations initially made in the lawsuit but agreed to settle because they are committed to “improving the experience of our customers in all respects.”


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