Analyst: Peterson Losing 2 Pro-life Endorsements Will Have Little Effect on Race


(Learfield News Service) As Wednesday’s 47th anniversary of Roe -v- Wade nears, Republicans say 7th District Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson has lost two key pro-life endorsements — Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life and National Right to Life Committee — which are instead going to Republican challenger Michelle Fischbach.

Hamline University analyst David Schultz says it won’t make much difference in the race. He says, “Given the fact that Michelle Fischbach’s husband has been the head of the M-C-C-L in Minnesota, and she’s been very much associated with [it] for years, I don’t think too many voters are gonna be surprised… that she’s receiving… the endorsement.”

National Right to Life Committee says Peterson does not have a 100-percent pro-life voting record but Fischbach is a “stalwart pro-lifer.”

Peterson supporters respond he has a long record of pushing for pro-life measures, including the “Life at Conception Act”, and asking President Trump to promise to veto any appropriations bill that weakens pro-life protections on taxpayer funding.


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