MN Caucuses


(KARE 11/ST PAUL, Minn.) — After nearly three decades of using the caucus system for presidential preference polls, Minnesota moved to a presidential primary election for 2020. However, caucus meetings will continue this year in Minnesota, just without the presidential vote.

This year’s Minnesota precinct caucuses take place tonight, one week before the presidential primary election.

Precinct caucuses remain an important part of each political party’s planning for an election year, including discussion of top issues for the party’s platforms at the annual state party conventions.

Unlike a primary, caucuses are organized and run by the political parties, and not by state or local elections officials.

According to the Minnesota Secretary of State, anybody who is eligible to vote in the November 2020 election can participate in a caucus meeting in the precinct in which they live.

To find the location of the precinct caucus meetings in your area, you can check your preferred political party’s website. The Secretary of State also has a caucus finder on its website (click here).


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