Local Entities Dealing with COVID-19


As of Monday, the Minnesota Department of Health reports 54 cases of COVID-19 have tested positive. No cases have been reported in McLeod County.

A total of just under 1,900 people have been tested.

McLeod County Emergency Management and Public Health are holding a meeting today (Tuesday) with community partners, such as hospitals. After which, more information will be released.

In the meantime, officials say if you’re sick, you’re encouraged to call your health care provider for information on what to do.

Minnesota school districts will be obligated to offer day care to children of health care and emergency service workers, as directed by Governor Tim Walz.

Hutchinson Superintendent Daron VanderHeiden told the school board Monday they’re working with the various agencies to make that come together:

The Hutchinson City Council has called a special meeting this evening to discuss the city’s response to the coronona virus.

The meeting is being held in the council chambers at the Hutchinson City Center and begins at 5:30pm.

The meeting is scheduled to be broadcast live on the local cable TV network, HCVN.


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