Hutchinson City Center/DMV Closing to Public


Starting Monday, March 23 and until further notice, The Hutchinson City Center, including the Department of Motor Vehicle, will close to the public.

Officials say city staff will continue to work within the facility to provide the necessary services to the community.

You are encouraged to connect with city staff through the city website, by phone and/or by email.

If you have business that is time-sensitive, please contact the City directly to speak with staff or to gather additional information on how the City will be providing this service to the public.

City staff will do their best to accommodate your request.

Residents still looking to make payments to the City can do so in the payment drop boxes outside

of City Center or make payments online.

The City of Hutchinson has been working with local, county and state partners to help protect the health and wellness of both the community and employees during this rapidly changing coronavirus outbreak.

The City is moving forward with its Pandemic Response Plan on the delivery of city services while minimizing direct person-to-person contact.

The closing of City Center is being done to allow the continuing of public services while reducing the potential direct contact with city employees carrying out those services.

Please visit our website at for staff and department contact information or call the City’s general information line at 320-587-5151.


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