Stearns Co Sheriff’s Office/5 Car Dealerships Begin “Lights On!” Program


On Wednesday, the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office began a program called “Lights On!” The Sheriff’s Office says it’s an innovative program funded through grant money from MicroGrants.

The program allows deputies to stop vehicles for broken headlights, taillights, brake lights or turn signals and issue a fix-it voucher to have the light fixed free of charge. The voucher is redeemable at 5 participating car dealership service departments in Stearns County.

The program, founded by MicroGrants, is meant to help citizens stop the downward spiral affecting employment and financial stability. The voucher allows deputies to engage positively with motorists and offer a solution instead of a ticket. Deputies will use their judgement on whether a person receives the voucher or not. They can still issue citations for traffic offenses or arrest drivers for criminal offenses.

The Sheriff’s Office joins 75 other law enforcement agencies across Minnesota who are participating in the Lights On! program.

The Sheriff’s Office is working with the following car dealerships from Stearns County to facilitate this program:

  • Albany Chrysler Dodge
  • McKays Dodge (Waite Park)
  • Kia of St. Cloud
  • Schwieters Chevrolet (Cold Spring)
  • Paynesville Chevrolet (Paynesville)


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