Wisconsin Woman Cited for Not Paying Cab Fare


A Hudson, Wisconsin woman was cited in Hutchinson Friday for not paying a taxi diver the money she owed.

At about 2pm, the taxi driver reported he had a female passenger who didn’t pay their $50 fare.

The driver said the passenger, later identified as 54-year-old Lorri Renee Larsin, went into the Aldi store and hadn’t returned. Officers searched the store, to no avail.

Later on, the taxi driver called Hutchinson Police again to report he saw Larsin in the electronics department at Walmart. Officers arrived at Wal-Mart and located her.

An officer escorted Larsin outside the store and asked her why she didn’t pay. She said she signed an IOU. The officer advised her IOU’s are not legal tender.

Larsin was issued a citation for misdemeanor theft of services and released.


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