Tornado Drill Day


As part of “Severe Weather Awareness Week,” the tornado drill will continue today (Thursday) at 1:45 pm in Minnesota (and Wisconsin), and again at 6:45 pm in some Minnesota Counties, but in modified format.

The biggest impact is that there will *not* be any tornado warning issued on NOAA Weather Radio in Minnesota or Wisconsin, which means it will not be sent over EAS to those TV/Radio/Cable outlets that use weather radio as an input.

MN Homeland Security & Emergency Management Director Joe Kelly, as part of the Governor’s news conference on Friday afternoon April 3, stated “as of now, we’re planning to conduct the tornado drill that’s scheduled on Thursday, April 16, but we’ll evaluate the wisdom and appropriateness of that as we get closer to the day.”   So it is recommended that counties/cities activate sirens and whatever other notification methods they typically use, unless they hear otherwise from HSEM.  Furthermore, we will all still be messaging via social media and web pages.

As a point of information, the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) on cell phones has never been activated for the drill by NWS in previous years, and that remains true this year.

Everyone is encourages to consider their severe weather safety plans and what they would do in the event of real severe weather.

Click here for more information on “Severe Weather Awareness Week.”


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