Darwin Man Charged with Motor Vehicle Theft


A Darwin man has been charged with motor vehicle theft after Hutchinson police recovered a car that had been reported stolen from Meeker County in late April.

Authorities say a 2001 Crown Victoria was reported stolen in Meeker County and was recovered in Hutchinson, on April 28.

When it was recovered in Hutchinson, the vehicle contained two receipts, one for McDonalds and one for Wal Mart, which were dated April 27.

Video from McDonalds and Wal Mart showed 29-year-old Brady Allen Lietzau to be driving the vehicle.

Lietzau was arrested in Meeker County on Friday (May 1) and transported to the Hutchinson Police Department.

Lietzau admitted using the vehicle, but claimed he did not know that it was stolen. He also admitted that he did not have title to the vehicle.

Lietzau was then transported to the McLeod County Jail and has been charge with one felony count of motor vehicle theft.


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