Medical Emergency at Quarry Park


On Saturday, just after 5:30pm, Stearns County Park Patrol officers came across a medical emergency at Quarry Park in Waite Park.

The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office says park officers observed a male, later identified as 19-year-old Yabsera Mekonnen of Burnsville, attempting to swim at the quarry. He appeared to be fatigued and was having difficulty swimming and staying above the surface. Officers witnessed him go under the water several times before a bystander reached him and pulled him to the rocks on the edge of the quarry.

Mekonnen appeared to go in and out of consciousness while officers assessed him and performed first aid. After being treated at the scene, he was released.

Mekonnen said he was not a strong swimmer but wanted to be in the water.

Authorities remind all Quarry Park visitors that there are no lifeguards present in the park or at swimming quarry’s and that personal flotation devices are always recommended if you are not a strong swimmer.


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