Glencoe COVID-19 Testing Event Exceeds Goals; Identifies Growth in Infection Rates


Glencoe MN — A trio of governmental partners: the State of Minnesota, City of Glencoe, and McLeod County collaborated to host what they say was a successful community-wide COVID-19 testing event on August 20 at the Glencoe City Center.

Officials say the event was slated to provide some 750 tests to area residents. By the end of the night, the event had exceeded that goal, conducting a total of 791 tests in the 7-hour time period.

Results from the testing event showed: 723 negative results, 61 positive results, 3 “likely positive” and 4 “test not performed.”

The results indicate a 7.7% positivity rate (positive tests per 100 tests performed) for those who participated in the event.

By comparison, through August 26, the statewide cumulative positivity rate – starting from the first cases back in March — is 5.5%, and McLeod County’s is 4.4%.

Officials say the 7.7% infection rate for the event is one sign of a climbing rate of infection among those tested in McLeod since the start of COVID-19 this spring.

Officials say that means that a higher number of those getting tested actually have COVID-19 and the increase indicates that COVID-19 is getting a stronger foothold in the community.

With new positive cases identified, McLeod County Public Health will be conducting some of the subsequent case investigation and contact tracing, and assisting isolated or quarantined individuals in meeting any basic needs they would otherwise be unable to meet due to COVID-19-19 infection or exposure. The knowledge this new information provides will allow state and local authorities to better manage the situation county-wide.


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