Hutchinson City Council Approves “Slapshot” Purchase to Recognize “Buzz” Burich


By a 3-2 vote, the Hutchinson City Council this week approved the purchase of a sculpture that had been featured on the city’s “Sculpture Stroll.”

The piece, “Slapshot,” is a metal sculpture of a hockey player.

Councilor Steve Cook says the proposed project is a partnership with the city, the hockey association, and the public arts commission and will be placed at Burich Arena to recognize Thomas “Buzz” Burich:

Mayor Gary Forcier and Councilor Dave Sebesta voted against the purchase, saying they felt it was not the best of times to spend money on the proposal.

Councilor Sebesta:

Total cost of the purchase and placement is $7,850, with the city’s portion at $2,900 that would come from the Community Improvement Fund, which is not tax money, but is public money.

Judd Nelson is the artist.  Click here to see his other artistic endeavors.


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