Stolen Vehicle in Monticello/Suspect Arrested


A suspect was arrested in Monticello after a man reported his pickup was stolen Friday afternoon.

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office says at just after noon, a man drove to the Monticello CentraCare hospital and left his motor vehicle running outside.

The vehicle owner witnessed another male enter his vehicle and start to drive away. The vehicle owner, attempting to stop the suspect from taking his vehicle, reportedly jumped into the back of his pickup that was being driven away by the suspect.

The vehicle owner made attempts to get the suspect to stop by breaking the window and reportedly striking the suspect. In the process, the vehicle struck several other vehicles in the parking lot of CentraCare Health on Hart Blvd.

Authorities say the suspect exited the vehicle and fled towards Monticello Middle School and was eventually apprehended and arrested.

The suspect has yet to be identified.

Charges are pending further investigation.


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