Update: Silver Lake Lions Meet the Candidates Night Canceled


The Silver Lake Lions Club expected to host an event on October 20 to showcase the candidates for local elected offices. 

Organizers say it seemed that all the candidates were willing and able to attend and present their views on the respective positions on issues each would face if elected.

However, first of all, serious consideration had to be given to the potential hazards of a group gathering and the significant effort needed to keep the attendees safe.  Secondly, the City of Silver Lake published a quarterly newsletter which included answers to a questionnaire that was given to the candidates for the local offices.  Finally, the GSL School Board candidates and McLeod County commissioner candidates’ background and comments were spotlighted in the Glencoe Chronicle.  Which, organizers say gives the voting public options to find information on the various candidates to help them decide how to vote.

Therefore, the committee of the Silver Lake Lions Club for the “Meet the Candidates” program decided they could best serve the community by cancelling the event hoping to keep us all safer, saying after all, our motto is “We Serve”.


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