Hutchinson Woman Arrested/Charged with Weapons Violation


A Hutchinson woman has been charged with a weapons violation after being accused of pointing a gun at a Hutchinson man last month.

On September 30th at about midnight, Hutchinson police officers responded to the 400 block of California St NW for a disturbance.

A 25 year old Hutchinson man reported that while he and a friend were sitting in his vehicle, he felt a few people sitting outside were staring at them. The man and his friend left for a few minutes and then returned. The man then dropped off his friend and left in his vehicle. The man says a vehicle pulled up next to him and attempted to box him in.  he says he was able to drive away and pull over to call law enforcement. While he was pulled over, a group of individuals, including a female identified as 45-year-old Jodi Lynn Holtberg of Hutchinson, approached the vicitim’s vehicle and tried to get him to come out of his vehicle. When the victim refused, Holtberg pulled a gun and pointed it at the victim and told him he needed to get out of the vehicle. Holtberg believed the victim had tampered with her vehicle.

Holtberg was arrested and transported to the McLeod County Jail and has been charged with with Misdemeanor Firearms violation and Disorderly Conduct.


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