Tiger Gameday – Week 3

Last Game: Hutchinson 24 Big Lake 7

Game Recap: Hutch earned that win last week with two very nice long drives in the second half. One 14 play drive, and one 10 play drive sealed that win and the defense did the rest. For the second straight game the Defense held the opponent under 200 total yards.

Current Record: 2-0 #1 Class 4A

This Week’s Opponent: Cambridge Isanti (0-2)

About the Opponent: The Bluejackets have started out of the gate with tough opponents. They played the #1 team in Class 3A (Waseca) and a ranked Class 5A team (Monticello), and now they get the #1 team in Class 4A. Neither team expected this matchup as both had other teams scheduled before COVID had a say in scheduling. And before gametime, who knows Mother Nature may have a say in all this as well! So lets talk about what we’ll see out of the game no one expected to play….

Key Hutch Players: Defensive Backs. This just in, it’s gonna be cold at gametime. The BlueJackets are a run oriented team that can throw the ball. BUT…in Cold weather more runs than passes will likely be called. Passing in cold conditions can have some challenges. Teams will still have to throw the ball a little, but if the Hutch DB’s can lock down on the receivers, that’ll allow Hutch to focus 7 or 8 men in the box to stop the CI….

4 Downs/Storylines:
First Down: …Run Game. GI has a real nice RB by the name of Gaven Ziebarth. He’s getting some D1 Looks from FCS colleges and rightfully so. The kid has good size and can RUN like the wind. If he gets North and South on you watch out. But that’s the key–Hutch Defenders swarming to the ball, tackling, not letting him get going and containing that run game.
Second Down: Weather. Welcome to Minnesota 2020…The year keeps getting weirder. Field conditions and weather conditions may not be in tippy top shape after this week from Mother Nature. Gonna have to deal with whatever conditions are thrown at you. Don’t let it bother you. But…you can do little things to help th eteam. Focus on ball security, don’t put that ball on the carpet and try and win the turnover game. Weather doesn’t have to beat you, if you don’t let it.
Third Down: Offensively play your game. Last week at times, Big Lake found holes in the Hutch OL in the first half and exploited them. Second half was MUCH better and the Tigers went on long drives. Get back to playing your game. Execute, run the ball, block, catch the ball. It’s simple for me to type that on a piece of paper…not as easy on the field. But that’s the game. It’s a simple game if you can execute.
th Down/Quick Hit Keys: Not too much history between these two schools but from what we’ve been told there have been two games between these schools before. Both in the State Tournament. And Both teams won one of those games. So I guess this is the rubber match huh? … Halfway done with the regular season after tonight. Next week Hutch is at Willmar. That is unless COVID or Mother Nature have a say in that. *Stops to look at the 10 day forecast Oh boy. Welcome to Football in 2020.


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