Michelle Fischbach Unseats Rep. Collin Peterson/Peterson Releases Statement


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Republican Michelle Fischbach has upset Democratic U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson, the chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, who was seeking a 16th term.

Fischbach is a conservative former state senator who briefly served as lieutenant governor in 2018 when Tina Smith resigned the seat upon her appointment as a U.S. senator.

Fischbach argued during the campaign that Peterson was too close to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other liberals.

Peterson, a conservative Blue Dog Democrat, represents western Minnesota’s heavily agricultural 7th District, which sprawls from the Canadian border almost all the way south to Iowa.

He rarely faced serious challenges in his career. But the district has become more Republican over the years, which gave Fischbach an opening.

Rep. Collin Peterson relased the following statement regarding the election results: 

“I’d like to thank the people of the Seventh District for their support over the years. Serving them in Washington DC has been a great honor, and I respect their decision to move in a different direction.

We ran a strong and positive campaign, but with the President winning this district by 30 points again, and the millions in outside money that was spent to attack me, the partisan tilt of this district was just too much to overcome.”


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